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Some comments from our customers :

Well first of all, hello from Monterrey, NL, the mountainous city of México.

Speaking about Winfotinto is just like speaking about something positive.

Winfotinto was the main reason to start up my business “La planchita Feliz”

I have 20 years of management experience and this is the first time I have seen one software which is so easy to manage at a touch of a button. It’s ROI is guaranteed.

My background is very short since I only installed it in February 2006.
Winfotinto has taught us how to manage the shop, following its straightforward instructions.

The reports and the charts are very good, is the thermometer of the business.
I think there are some areas to be improved but it’s possible that’s a appreciation of my inexperience.


We have been gradually introducing Winfotinto in to our shops.

We started in one shop on a trial bases so that our staff would learn how to use the program and become confident using the computer. From then on we have been buying new licenses for the other shops.

There are many  advantages of which the following are some :

- Save time on receptions and delivery.
- Trace garments. All the items are perfectly coded with client’s information and notes.
- It improves the general shop image.
- Total Control of the shop. Now we have information and we don’t need to make up about my bussines.
- It’s really easy to use. People who have never used a computer before can now work efficiently  with Winfotinto.
- Warehouse check control. You can easily do the inventory printing out a report of pending items.
- Better control of the shop. Avoid stealing.

The next step that we would like to make is centralise all the information of the shops in one computer to avoid having to go to the shops in person.

Regards to all.

I have been a short time with Winfotinto, I only started to use Winfotinto in January. 

In my situation there hasn’t been much of a change as we had been already using a computer program but with MSDOS, the old program are correct for its time but now are out of date, without updates, etc.

Both employees and I are happy with Winfotinto, we have more options than I use.

The main advantage for me is the possibility to use the SMS in advertising  and notices of finish items automatically to the customers. We have managed to give an innovated image of our company which no other dry cleaning shops have done to date. We have also managed to save time picking up items.


Having tried out Pinfotinto, I am delighted with it. I was surprised by how good it really is. It is well organised, easy, quick and simple to use. It so ease that I think I liked more than Winfotinto if that were possible. Once we can make pick ups with it for me that will be the best software I see never.

Congratulations to every one, specially Pablo, perfection to the last detail.

As you now whe are atypical because we create interdependent Dry Cleaning shop
groups and require a wide range of flexibility within an existing software.
With your software, which we also recommend to our collaborators, we cover 99% of our necessities.


As we are traditional dry cleaning consultants and also for new entrepreneurs of pro ecological businesses dedicated to textil care  (free of traditional disolvents), we had to find the best software in Europe.

We do have to recognize that Winfotinto is the most complete Software and lets the users learn easily.

Thus we don't have to worry about looking for another software.

We can vouch for Winfotinto meeting our needs in the Mac Net concept and supplements the advances proceedures both in WetCleaning and SoftCleaning.

Regards, Peter and Montse.

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